UW-Madison is committed to serving our Student-Veterans!

General Info


  • An Assistant Dean to assist veterans, National Guardsmen, Reservists and active duty dependents. Phone (608) 890-2701
  • The Registrar's Office has a dedicated, top-notch professional to assist you with both federal and state educational benefits
  • Vets for Vets is a strong student-veteran organization that's been on campus since 1972
  • One of the few universities in the country to host Army, Navy and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps
  • A supportive administration, great faculty, and dynamite student body that appreciates Veterans

Just off-campus

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Apply for admission early! Application deadline for Fall semester is February 1st. Application for Spring semester is October 1st. If you missed the deadline, contact the Admissions office. They'll take into account extenuating circumstances.
Admission standards at UW-Madison are high, but don't be discouraged. If you don't have the grades to get in as a freshman, consider attending one of the other 2 or 4-year UW System schools. Do well, and apply as a transfer student. UW-Madison has a number of transfer agreements with other schools, including the Madison Area Technical College. Also, Edgewood College, located just 3 miles from UW-Madison campus, offers the Yellow Ribbon program to veterans collecting the Post 9/11 (Capter 33) G.I. Bill, so tuition is still covered. Contact the Asst Dean of Students- Veterans with exploring your options.

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Educational Benefits

Visit the Dane County Service Office to register your DD Form 214 and establish eligibility for Wisconsin benefits. Dan Connery, Assistant Veterans Service Officer, (608) 266-4158, typically visits the Vets for Vets office on campus every Thursday. After visiting with the DCVSO, contact Suzanne Broadberry at the Registrar's office to initiate your benefits. Veterans benefits DO NOT preclude you from receiving financial aid or ROTC scholarships. You earned the benefits, so use them! For additional information on financial aid while using veterans benefits, contact Joselyn Diaz-Valdes, (608) 262-3060, at the Financial Aid office.

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Student Support

  • Vets for Vets is a student organization that has formed the nucleus of the student-veteran community since 1972. It's a great way to meet other vets, share war stories, get informal advice on benefits, and network for classes.
  • The UW McBurney Disability Resource Center is here to help with injuries or disabilities that hinder your classroom performance or mobility. Be smart and get the assistance you deserve.
  • Jobs are available. Contact the Veterans Desk at the Dept for Workforce Development. They want to help you find a part-time or full time job.

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Full-time students may receive basic healthcare at the UW Health Center.
Eligible veterans use the William S. Middleton Memorial VA Hospital located just west of campus. To determine eligibility, contact Ms. Cari Myles, the OIF/OEF Veterans Outreach Coordinator at (608) 256-1901 ext. 11297. If you served at least one day in a combat theater, medical care is provided for five years after your active duty discharge date at minimal cost.

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There are great folks on campus to help you through difficult personal issues. You've been through a lot, but joining a big campus can trigger stress, depression, anxiety or irregular feelings. Talk to someone. You owe it to yourself and others to be successful. The Campus Counseling Center is a great place to start. If you know your feelings are service related, go straight to the Madison Veterans Center or VA Hospital. Plus, you can always stop by the Vets for Vets office in room 3136 at 333 East Campus Mall, or see Assistant Dean John Bechtol in Bascom Hall room 85. It's your choice; don't go it alone.

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University Housing recognizes that veterans may enjoy a more mature setting than typical freshman housing. If you are considering University Residence Hall housing and would like to be placed together with other veterans, transfer students, or non first-year students, please contact Sara Arnsdorf, Coordinator of Assignments and Student Services, in University Housing at (608) 262-2788. We'll do our best to fit your needs. For more general information, see University Housing. Also, the Pres House, a private apartment building in the center of UW, is offering a special deal for student veterans. For more information contact Assistant Dean John Bechtol at (608) 890-2701, or the Pres House at (608) 819-4663.

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Deployment and Continuing to Serve

Are you a Guardsman or Reservist being Mobilized? Contact the Asst Dean for Veterans, then follow steps outlined by Bursar's Office and Registrar's Office, as applicable. Your UW account will stay active while you're deployed. You can register for classes while deployed; your account will remain active for two semesters following your return home, after that you may have to apply for readmission.

Interested in earning an officer's commission? UW has Reserve Officer Training Corps for all four DoD services.

  • Army ROTC Earn a commission in the Regular Army, Army National Guard or Army Reserve
  • Navy/Marine ROTC Earn a commission in the Navy or Marine Corps
  • Air Force ROTC Earn a commission in the Air Force

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