Dean of Students Office

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Bascom_Lincoln_SpringMission Statement: The Dean of Students Office (DoSO) provides assistance, intervention, prevention, and referral services to the university community. DoSO develops students who exercise personal responsibility, practice ethical decision making, and seek social justice.

The staff of the Dean of Students Office unit of the Division of Student Life have two primary responsibilities. First, to provide assistance and support services to students and the University community. The second is to manage the University’s academic and nonacademic misconduct systems.


Overview of Services

Student Assistance

How to contact the drop-in staff member and information about types of assistance provided.

Student of Concern

Concerned about a student? The Dean of Students Office provides consultation, resources, outreach, and coordination of information.

Nonacademic Misconduct

The process and policies for non-academic misconduct, including misconduct outcomes and probation review.

Academic Integrity

Information about academic integrity and the academic misconduct process, including specific sections for instructors and students.

Sexual Assault, Dating/Domestic Violence, and Stalking

How to report allegations of sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking. Information and resources for victims.

Other Services